Since 2017, Klintech Africa Ltd has provided exceptional laundry services for the Dar es salaam area and has earned a reputation to match. To gain this reputation for excellence, we have washed, dried and folded literally tons of laundry, successfully responded to innumerable special requests, and gained the trust of thousands of loyal customers.

We take pride in processing our customers’ laundry.

We use only commercial-grade, high-efficiency equipment and name brand laundry cleaning products which get your items cleaner, extend their life and are better for the environment. We have set high standards for ourselves. Now our goal is to meet yours.

Let us prove we are up to your laundry challenges.

Whether you are looking for an incredibly clean self-service laundromat, trying to juggle the demands of classes and homework while making sure you have clean underwear, or managing a hotel where the linens can form mountains in minutes, we look forward to meeting your needs. Please call our corporate office at +255 715 232 110 or send us an email.